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Ferrero Know-how Academies

Ferrero Know-how Academies are designed to capture the uniquely Ferrero ways of working in key professional disciplines. We take our global best practice and share it with our people to ensure you benefit from the latest thinking throughout your career and that we leverage our distinctiveness to our competitive advantage.

We currently have four Know-how Academies:

Ferrero Marketing Academy

This aims to establish Ferrero as one of the world’s most advanced FMCG companies for brand management. It is built on three pillars:

  • Customer Centricity: Placing the customer at the heart of Ferrero’s view of the world and providing you with a range of practical tools to help you identify, understand and successfully reach key target markets.
  • Growing Love Brands: Giving you the skills and tools to move from simply managing brands to Growing Love Brands that inspire consumer passion the world over.
  • Engaging Communication: Helping you create successful communications campaigns to deliver an enhanced brand experience.

Ferrero Sales Academy

This academy is designed to develop core skills at every level of Ferrero’s sales function, from Sales Reps and Merchandisers, through Field Operations and Sales Managers to Key Account Managers. It includes training on:

  • Basic knowledge of financial & economic levers
  • Category management techniques
  • Channel/area development plan
  • Company knowledge
  • Customer development plan
  • Knowledge of trade
  • Merchandising techniques
  • Negotiation
  • Planning
  • Product knowledge
  • Promotional policies and techniques
  • Reference market knowledge
  • Sales techniques

Ferrero Industrial Academy

Our Industrial Academy gathers, organizes and shares around the world the knowledge and best practice we have built up in the development of our products and production processes. Drawn from the expertise of our own employees, this training will equip you to help us make some of the finest chocolate confectionary in the world.

Ferrero Legal Academy

The Ferrero Legal Academy has been designed to provide a professional training path that helps bring all of Ferrero’s legal specialists up to the highest levels of professionalism. It is structured in three phases that deliver relevant learning at each career stage from joining the company through to a leadership role in the legal function.

We are currently developing academies in the following disciplines:

  • HR
  • Supply chain
  • R&D
  • Quality
  • Finance
  • IT

We are also developing in-depth learning programs to support the continuous development of your product knowledge and nutrition knowledge, to help you understand key information about our raw materials, ingredients, brands, etc.

*Training programs vary market to market